Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When seniors fall...the perfect cure!

The Walking Wounded!
I fell in a hole...I really fell in a hole.  After walking almost 18 holes of golf on a par 72 golf course, I stepped in an invisible hole and sprained my right ankle.  YUCK!!!  I can walk on it and move everything so I did not go to the doctor.  And, after I went to bed last night in a "state of agony", I started laughing!  What I was enduring was not that bad but it sure did helped me understand what some of my friends are going through.

You see we are all the walking wounded.  My friend Carol had back surgery almost two years ago and she still has shooting pains down her leg. Another friend had a hernia operated on and his wife had a knee replacement this summer.  Two other friends have lot of stents in their hearts.  A neighbor fell and had to have rotary cuff surgery last week.  I fell yesterday and got up with a badly sprained ankle.  A friend down the street fell off her bike today and broke her arm just above the wrist.  She will be seeing the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.  Stay away for a is not safe to be in this neighborhood at the moment.

A friend came and got me in his golf cart so I could go a potluck.  Everyone gathering around listening to all misery and I warned every one...don't walk, don't eat, don't ride your bike, don't lift heavy stuff, don't wear out your joints.  We are having a bad spell of wounds here right now.  Just be careful.

The thing is we really are all fine...stuff happens on the way to the garbage dump...if we did not laugh so much I am sure it would be very depressing.  But we do laugh and we endure...that is what we are all about.


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  1. Is it possible to get thru life without all sorts of body parts needing replacement or breaking?

    My new goal: to make it to the end with the parts I started with.

    Take it easy Barbara. Retired life can be dangerous.


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