Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do you need a hair removal professional...Smart Cowgirls find out with a Makeup Mirrors

     I don't ride horses but I do love to dress up in cowboy boots, jeans and a beautiful white blouse. Cowgirls are a little tough, a little girly and a lot glamorous. Here in the Old West horses, girls and sunny open spaces blend together like chocolate and cream. Here is the problem. I am a wannbe cow girl but I am oldish!
     The rules have changed a bit for me over the years. Now, at the age of 69+, I am more conscious of make-up, sun screen and I use a 10x mirror. Yes you heard me...I look at my face 10x's bigger than normal.  A friend with very good vision has been after me for two years to buy one. She could see things I could not but did not want to be the one to give me the bad news. She was always asking "Do you want to look in my 10x mirror?" I just ignored her.
     When I turned 69 I gave in.  So I went on a hunt for a 10x mirror.  Simple? Not even close. Mirrors, it turns out, come in many grades, styles, with and without lights, stands or wall mounts. It was all very confusing. Adding to the confusion was the cost.  Yikes! I saw small mirrors for less than $15 and really nice amazing glamorous styles for well over $100.  Of course I did really want the most expensive because the mirror and the glass was wonderful.  But.......
Danielle Revolving Wall-Mounted Lighted Mirror, Chrome, 10X
Wall Mounted Mirror
Lighted Adjustable 10X Mirror Compact in Blue Case
     What 10x Make-up Mirror  to buy?  My friend bought one good for travel very similar to those found on Amazon (images from Amazon).  She used it for several years before a grandchild broke it.  But what I really wanted was a lighted wall mounted 10x mirror.  I am still dreaming about that one.     We are leaving to travel home for the summer.  I decided to wait until I get to Oregon to buy the mirror of my 7+ sales tax in Oregon.  In the mean time I bought a small compact sized 10x mirror.  Oh my goodness.  I was appalled to find black hairs on my lip, eyebrows running amuck and wrinkles....lot of wrinkles.  Hair removal by a professional was going to be an ongoing process for the rest of my life!  I will use the mirror to help with maintenance.   I could say "Why didn't someone tell me?" but I know it is my own fault. I hate when that happens.
    So, cowgirls, listen up. I don't care if you have NEVER been near a one of those mirrors and see what you find. We cowgirls need to keep looking good! Oh, and don't forget the sunscreen...remember the wrinkles! Sigh!

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  1. Thanks for sharing those amazon links of the mirror. I've been looking for one of those too. :)


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