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Tucson to Tubac....Where the Old West meets the modern golfer!

Tubac Golf Resort Casita
Tubac Golf Resort  
Tubac Event:  The Tucson Autism Community Center is hosting its annual Autism Charity Golf Classic on Tubac’s beautiful golf course on Saturday, April 30. 
     Sonoita Wine Festival:  Sonoita Vineyards in southern Arizona is hosting its 33rd Annual Blessing of Sonoita Vineyards Festival on Saturday, April 30.

      Sunday Drive:   When we leave Tucson to head south toward Mexico on the way to Tubac for a day of golf, I am always struck by the beauty of this place in the world. While the freeway from Tucson to Mexico is wide and the speed limit is 70 mph the pace of life slows down the closer you come to the border. Mountains surround the broad open valley. Elephant Rock looms in the East as you pass Green Valley. On down the road a very old ranch owned my the Amado family has become home to a lovely resort.  Situated on the east side of the freeway, the Rex Ranch Resort and Spa low slung building blend into the landscape. True to it's name, the resort provided horse back riding and a spa for those of you that want to be pampered. There are two restaurants on the west side of the freeway that are local favorites. The Cow Palace has been famous for their traditional Sunday dinners and the place will also be jammed on Saturday nights. The Longhorn Bar and Grill across from the Cow Palace sports a building shaped like a longhorn steer head.  Reviews for the food is always good.
     I know I have told you how beautiful Tubac Golf Resort is but have I told you about the old west and open range golfing?  When I say open range, I do not mean golf range.  I mean cattle and cow pies, thorny trees and a road called Palo Parado. Honestly, if you don't take the road to Tubac carrying an open heart and mind, you are missing the whole point of your vacation.  This is the place where Catholic missionaries came to stay in 1691. The Conquistadors were here during 140 years before that. Seriously, I think Arizona is a state that has been forgotten...at least here in the southern part. Maybe it is a good thing that development has been slow and tourism hasn't run rampant. Because Arizona is not a very populated state, you will still get a feel for what it was back before gold, greed and religion brought the Europeans.
View south from the Catalina Mountains toward Tubac.     
     The windmills still stand by buildings along the highway and I suppose they are operating to this day.  These people were the original conservationist.  Then we come to Tubac.  Just north of the little artist community the old Tubac Resort welcomes visitors with an arched gate. I always wax poetic when it comes to this area. The Tubac Golf Resort and Spa has been a star in the crown of Southern Arizona since 1959 when Bing Crosby bought the property and began the business that is now Tubac Golf Resort.
     I have played the golf course several times in years past. We shared the course with cattle and all that an open cattle range bring into the mix. Last fall when my husband played the course once again, the cattle were still grazing on the fairways. Mesquite trees, Palo Verde trees and the Santa Cruz river add to the appeal of a beautiful oasis in a very dry landscape. The historic resort is remarkable in so many ways:
Tubac Golf Resort and Spa is set in the most luxurious and tranquil vacation destination in the Southwest. We are located on the historic 500-acre Otero Ranch in the Santa Cruz River Valley. Its Spanish Colonial architecture and lush grounds are enhanced by magnificent views of the Tumacacori and Santa Rita Mountain ranges.
[They are] member of the Historic Hotels of America®, a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, whose goal is to identify quality hotels that have faithfully maintained their historic integrity, architecture, and ambiance. 
     I received an email from the Renee Radia, the digital publicist of Tubac Resort yesterday telling me about an event they are hosting in the near future.  Want to vacation AND to help out a wonderful cause at the same time?  They have the perfect combination for you.  This is what she said:
I actually just received news of another event happening at Tubac next weekend.  The Tucson Autism Community Center is hosting its annual Autism Charity Golf Classic on Tubac’s beautiful golf course on Saturday, April 30.  This year’s special guest is NFL veteran Rodney Peete, who recently authored his first book titled “Not My Boy!  A Father, A Son, and One Family’s Journey with Autism.”  Proceeds will benefit the Tucson Alliance for Autism.  For more information and to sign up, visithttp://www.tucsonallianceforautism.org/
     So there you have it.  This is just a small glimpse of what the area around Tubac, AZ has to offer.  On another day I will talk (again) about Wisdom's restaurant, the Tumacacori Mission, Sante Cruz Spice Company and Tubac's famous artist festival.  Trust me...you will want to come one day soon.  Put it on your list!

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