Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Best Road-Trip Gadgets Gifts....Great 2011 Links+ Images

     I love technology, gadgets and travel.  Those are the things that light my fire.  While I can do without a lot of things, there are things that I think I would like to have.  Keep in mind that my husband and I do not travel "top drawer" nor do we travel "slumming it".  In this particular case we follow the middle of the road. The things we do not have but would like could fill a lot of pages but not much room in our luggage.
    We have just returned from a trip that took us 5 days on the road.  The motels we stayed in were equipped with the basic needs like a hairdryer and a small coffee pot.  Even though most provided shampoo and lotion we save those items for homeless shelters or abused women shelters.  A fancy shopping bag holds the essentials like toiletries and pills  But there are extra things that could make our life a lot easier. Here is my "dream list" of travel gifts.

Switch from Quirky
Gorrillapod from Joby
    Ecoflo Stainless Steel Water Filter Blue Bottle - 27 oz - Bottle
  1. The perfect pocket tool called simply Switch.
  2. Power Curls for all my cords.
  3. Kindle and clip on Light for Kindle
  4. EcoFlow Stainless Steel Water Bottle/filter. Water in the car saves my body a lot of grief.
  5. DigiDude Tripod for my camera. (functions as a keychain too!)  I also liked the Gorillapod.
  6. First Aid Travel Kit
  7. Travel Pill Dispenser (I really want two of these...pills drive us nuts!)
  8. Large Duffle bags (they would take up less room than our hard sided luggage).
  9. Digi Dude
  10. Audio books down loaded on our smart phone to be listened to on those boring stretches of roads.  I read Water for Elephants and it would be perfect!  A gift card for my Kindle would be nice now. (a gift card for this would be very nice!)
  11. Pillows...really nice pillows.
Maybe you can add some ideas for me..  If you are buying for me, keep in mind that I will be going to China one day soon.  Hint! Hint!


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