Sunday, May 15, 2011

7 Best Books Links + How To Judge Best Books before You Read

I am in the market for a list for summer reading.  Here is what I found.  Links for books that ranked in 2010:

Best Books for 2010: Book Beast
Oregon Live regional and national best sellers in 2010 

New Article on Senior Citizens and ebook readers:  Will Senior Citizens Embrace E-book?

Finding just the right book in this day and age is very difficult.  There are so many books on the market and I always think that perfect book is out there waiting on me.  But it is very hard to choose.  I have a tendency to love a certain kind of art on the cover.  But like a beautiful lady, the cover does not reflect was is inside. When I shop in a books store I have to be careful of the beautiful covers.  I instead try to be more selective.  I buy...
  • if a books has been recommended by two people I know, it is a winner. If a book has won prizes in categories I respect and enjoy.  The Pulitzer Prize winners are evergreen in that they are good no matter when they were written.
  • if a book is second hand and it is so worn it is almost falling apart.
  • if a book is written by an author I have enjoyed before.
  • if a book has been chosen as a featured book by the book sellers at my favorite book store.
  • if a book is one that has been read by other readers with like tastes in reading.  (I check on Amazon to see what other readers are reading.)
  • if a book appears on more than one best books list.


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  1. You should look into it's a great resource for us book lovers! Might I reccomend "water for elephants" if you haven't already read it!


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