Friday, June 17, 2011

Buying a BETTER mouse trap at Target!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (If You Give...)We own a cat that loves to hunt.  If he were a human he would be a card carrying member of the NRA. His need to hunt exceeds his need to eat by about 200 percent.  How do I know this.  Well, once he is full, he brings them into the house and turns them free in our kitchen. That, my friends, is where the quest for a better mouse trap began.

In this day of miracle poisons and cardboard set them free traps, a real mouse killing machine is very hard to find.  There are so few hardware stores anymore that we must drive many miles to find one, so we generally opt for Target or the grocery store to get the mundane things like a package of various sized screws or nails.  But a mouse trap in the grocery store?  That didn't seem right. So we headed out to look for one.

I encouraged a trip to Target.  You can buy clothes or a purse at Target even if you don't find a mouse trap. The trick at Target is choosing the right department. We thought that traps should be among the hardware items but it turns out Target did not see it that way. So we headed for the groceries department because we were pretty sure they were not in electronics or down the baby clothes aisle. And there they were, between the bread and the peanut butter.  It was a much better mouse trap, made in China.  I whooped a little and did the "discovery" dance in the aisle.  We were going to be the proud owners of a better, Target designed mouse trap.

The mice (meaning more than one) were camping out under the stove and under the fridge. We saw them wandering around in the dining room.  I think they had parties at night since there were three of them.  I think the female was promiscuous and loved the night life. Or maybe there were two females and one male and he was having a party.  Being a female myself, I new by instinct that this was not going to have a happy ending...not for the mice and certainly not for me.

The better mouse trap did not look right to me.  It had an orange square on the top and didn't have the right advertising stamped on the wood.  Somehow I was a lot more comfortable with a mouse trap that looked like the one I was raised with.  So my husband, the fearless human hunter in our house, set two traps, one by the corner of the stove and another near the refrigerator.

We had pancakes the next morning and my husband was the cook.  When he looked to check on the stove. mouse trap it was no where to be found.  We accused the cat and searched the house high and low for the device.  Finally, after disassembling the stove we found the trap buried deep under the drawer. The peanut butter was licked up clean and the mouse trap was empty. Yikes!  How smart were these mice anyway?

My husband reset the trap and we waited.  That night we heard the cat coming up the stairs chattering all the way.  He had the mouse in his mouth and attached to the mouse was the new improved mouse trap.  He took it in the bath room and had a celebration of his own.  What a deal he seemed to say...his humans were catching the mice for him now!  He was soooooooo happy.

We finally caught three mice in the kitchen.  The last mouse we caught was attached to the mouse trap by his leg. We found it deeply hidden under the stove too..she/he was not dead so now my husband became a mouse murderer.   That is just so wrong I can't even begin to tell you.

A better mouse trap??? I think not.  I like the old kind with the red stripe around the out side and blue advertisement in the middle.  No orange thingy for the bait to be put on.  Just a piece of wire and a trap the will spring on your finger if you are not careful.  I want that kind. So Target, are you listening?

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