Sunday, June 19, 2011

How Portland helps us + Thai Flombe in Hillsboro, Or

First Day of Summer is coming!
If we are going to eat in a restaurant in downtown Portland, we check with to see what other people think.  Words like "dirty" or "terrible service" make us take pause, especially if there are several agreeing opinions.  But out here in the west part of the metro area things are different. We are overrun with franchises and drive through in Hillsboro, so we are more apt to try a family owned restaurant no matter what the reviews.  If we are planning a special evening out we will check with Yelp but we know that the reviews may be submitted by people that are not locals.  That is very important.

So yesterday when I had a very good meal at a local main street restaurant, I knew I had to tell you about it. My husband and I were shopping for a screen door knob at the antique stores in downtown Hillsboro when hunger hit us both right between the eyes!  Main street is turning into a trendy place for busy working people meet for lunch.  Local government workers along with Intel employees fill restaurants during the lunch hour. We went to the Thai Flombe Restaurant. I ordered the Red Curry with chicken.  Yum yum yum!  This dish was so creamy, spicy with a touch of sweetness.  I have never tasted Thai food locally that was this good.

When I got home I looked at to see what other's thought of the restaurant and to add my review.  I was not surprised to see that 85% of the reviews were favorable.  I thought that the reviewer, Spawna, said it the best:
I love this little jewel of affordable deliciousness [Thai Flombe] in the heart of downtown Hillsboro. The restaurant is owned and run by an extremely friendly Thai couple who provide excellent and quick service. This is one of the few restaurants in the Hillsboro area that is not a corporate chain, and the difference is dramatic. 
After reading this comment I suddenly realized that, when we talk about the best ever restaurants, we really are talking about the choices in a specific community.  It is all relative and relatively speaking, Thai Flombe is very good...especially for here in Hillsboro, Oregon.

A special thanks to for providing reviews for the best eating places around.  It really is a great help.


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