Monday, July 25, 2011

Cardigans for summer or fall!

The weather has turned on us. Day before yesterday we were dressed in blue jeans and a cardigan and now we are dressed in shorts and hunkering down as the temperature rises. At least we can be assured that here in the Northwestern United State the temperature will never be hot for very long.

People visit us here in Portland Oregon from around the world to spend a few days in a "European Style" city...or at least what we envision that to be. I think if you were to compare our city's weather with one in Europe the climate would be more like the UK than anywhere else. The grass is green and the trees hang over streets shading the sidewalk and dripping fresh raindrops on those misty days. The saying goes here that Oregonians don't tan they just rust. I think that might be true.

As a result of our ever present cool lingering in the air, we dress differently than people in the Southwest or even on the Eastern seaboard of the US. In the warmer climates corals or aquas are more popular. Blacks, browns and navy blues ever present here in the coolers parts of the nation. If designers decide to give us a respite from those colors a deep maroon, gray or even an forest green might creep in.

But, there are items of clothing that are classics in our closet regardless of what part of the world we live in. The cardigan is a perfect example. There are just so many ways to wear a cardigan and they are timeless. No matter what your age, the style is perfect...or at least I think so. We can dress them up with shear backs or lace inserts at the neck. My personal favorite is the layered look of a cropped cardigan over a shirt with casual slacks. However, I am older so I am aware that this look needs to be worn with some moderation.

Here in the United States we find cardigans in every department store and online.  The the one that caught my eye would work as a winter coat over slacks or a pencil skirt.   I loved the cable knit on the border and the neutral taupe color was perfect. Just give me a beautiful piece or two of costume jewelry and I am good to go.

Can you tell that I am ready to begin shopping for winter? And to think we have only had two days over 80 in a row. I guess it is because I love the winter way of dressing! I might add...I live in cardigans!


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