Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cell Phones...a luxury or necessity!

Life of a Retiree:  Do you remember the days when we actually functioned without a cell phone?  It was was a piece of cake...right?  No one got lost.  No one missed getting information.  Back in the day I actually waited till I got home to use the phone and, because I was really progressive, I had an answering machine.  No problem.

Now, if I don't take my cell phone with me the cable service man comes and I don't get his call.  I get lost on the freeway, not because I don't have my cell phone but  because my husband leaves his at home.  I are totally and completely lost without my cell phone.  In fact, I don't even have a land line!

My husband and I took our son to the airport today and used both cars to transport all his families luggage.  As the two of us headed home the agreement was that I would follow him to a place he knew about for breakfast.  It was on 42nd...or was it 82nd?  I really didn't pay attention...I was going to follow him.  Accept we forgot to consider one small detail.  Traffic is terrible at 8:00 am!  We were separated immediate and the gap between us increased with every mile.

I ate breakfast alone at a small restaurant.  Then I set out to find the appliance store he mentioned yesterday.  It is a good thing I was paying attention when he talked about that.  Even with my iphone maps I wandered around in the Hollywood district in NE Portland for 45 minutes.  That is 45 minutes of my life I will never see again.

So back to the cell phones.  I suppose we could function without them again but once we become accustomed to a luxury it is hard to give it up.  Much like my washing machine or dishwasher I don't even want to try to give them up.

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  1. I bought and pay for a cell phone for my dad. He doesn't drive much anymore, but when he does there is always the risk of a breakdown or accident. Without a cell phone he could die in the Arizona heat before someone stopped to help him.

    For him a call phone is an essential piece of life-saving equipment. For me, his phone is peace of mind.


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