Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What did I do to deserve this? Buying a new house!

This house purchase has turned
into a prickly issue!
Note:  Here is an explanation of what is going on....

I am beginning to wonder what we did in this life or any other life to deserve this!  We have finally gotten everyone to agree that we are good people, the loan is approved and the paperwork has been sent to the title company for closing.  Now...would you believe it...the lender put the wrong amount on the forms and everything has to go back.  Our real estate agent is still hopeful we can close today...why do I somehow doubt that???



  1. Ah yes, life in the fast lane! Just smile nod your head while you remember that lenders just love to mess with folks who are waiting to have a semi-permanent place to call home. AND remember they are just getting back at you because you guys are "Snow Birds"!

  2. Yes, Bob, you a probably right...but you know what the lender has really good, nice people working for them. I have a hard time blaming anyone. Unfortunately I think, in this particular case, it really is bad Karma or maybe ghosts! Darn! :-)


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