Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to be Trendy Without Breaking the Bank

Ingenious Full Length Mirror
Shopping online or using what you have to recreate that oh so new look...it is a way of life for me.  Take the mirrors.  I was watching a show on HGTV yesterday filmed in NYC.  The designers had a blank brick wall to decorate.  So they went to a thrift store and bought several mirrors to display.  Not a new idea but still....  I just moved and left behind the best full length mirror I have ever owned.  It was glued to the closet door or I would have brought it with.  So instead of buying a full length mirror my husband suggested I just hang two of the mirrors we own, one over the other.  It is mirror magic!
Grandmother Chevron Throw
The latest trend in graphic design is the chevron pattern.  The medal worn by military men for a long time has found it's way onto pillows, sheets, rugs and wooden balls.  I really don't need anything like that right now but I do own a bit of my own chevron design...I have this pink afghan tossed across the back of a chair in my bedroom.  My grandmother made it before I was out of high school.

So you see you can be trendy without breaking the bank.  Shop online or use what you have.  You will find more information below.

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Zig Zag Rugs
Bambo Sheets.
Chabby Chic Mirror (should I paint my frames white?)

Apartment Therapy Missoni for Target

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