Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6 Links to Bargain Discounts Online--Wine, Kindle, ebooks, Rv Spaces, more!

I have learned to sign up for email offers and email lists at my favorite stores.  I even do it online with some of my favorite websites. They send email coupons that you can print or a flyer in the mail.  I opened my email to find some of these offer today.  See if there is anything that tickles your fancy.


    Case of Barclay's Wines

  • 20% off Barclay's Wine --My husband was given a Groupon gift certificate for $75 toward a case of wine from Barclay's Wine. He didn't believe it was such a good thing until he went to the Barclays website and actually ordered a case.  The case came in at a little over $100...$25 out of his pocket.  We received a case of a variety of different wines.  The wines were above average $10-$12 a bottle wines. We now order a case as we need it.  As prefered customers we received an offer we would like to pass along.  We submit your email address to them and they will send you an offer of 20% off a case of wine.  This actually works out to be about 2 bottles free.  Honestly, I want this discount too but it was not offered to us.  Add a link to your website/blog in the comment section below.   The website must have contact information so I can forward it to Barclays.  You get 20% off and we get a $5 voucher if you decide to buy.  We both win!

  • MAC Power Curls from Quirky for all those computer cords.  Quirky is a place where you can submit your design ideas and people like you and me vote on their viability.  I loved the little Power Curls (above) from the beginning.  Check out the website and vote for a good idea.  They do have a sales department.
  • Free Downloadable Books from 30 day free from Audible.com.  I have not tried this yet but I will before we leave on our trip to Tucson.  I purchased a book for last year and it cost me a fortune. If you sign up with the program you will get your first book for $7.49.  This included books like The Help ($28+ regularly). You can also join and get the first three month for $7.49 per month and that includes the NYT or Wall Street Journal.  You can cancel at any time.  Does this sound good to you?  It might be. 
  • Apartment Therapy always has a calendar of sales events from all over the country.  You can take a look and see if anything appeals to you!
  • 15% off RV rental space in Tucson AZ luxury park.  We are still offering an opportunity for you to take advantage of 15% discount on a months RV space rental.  Leave a link to your website/blog in the comments here.  Be sure that your site has contact information.
  • Frugal Girls--an online blog crammed full of the best coupons and deal out there.
Have a great week.

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