Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs...from my umpteenth Apple Computer!

 I think you need to know that I am working on an Apple computer.  My husband and I owned the very first of the devices and my children grew up and later went on to graduate from college all using the Apple.  One of my sons and his wife are Apple Distinguished Educators and work for the company in Singapore China as consultants.  This son was one of the early Mac User Group attendees here in Portland, Oregon and taught seminars along with a friend at summer workshops for educators.  Steve Jobs is a hero of sorts.  He made it possible for those of us that are not mathematician or business owner to understand how technology could become an integral part of our creative lives.  We all grieve his passing.  It is as though a piece of our life is gone. Creativity will endure but it has lost a champion.  Rest in peace Steve Jobs.


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