Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gift Registry? Weddings, Birthday, or Christmas Ideas

Making the Gift Registry Work for You
I have a suggestion.  Crate and Barrel has a registry online.  (Don't most stores have a registry?)  What if you were to add all those things you love to one of those registries.  If people ask for suggestions for a Xmas gift, you just send them to the registry you have used.  

Better yet ask you friends and family to fill out a registry somewhere and then you can use the items for ideas for gifts.  I loved the online idea...we all like to shop from home.  Then a person can simple order something and have the item waiting for you at your local store or at home.   I have seen Crate and Barrel's gift boxes and they are beautiful.  You may have to call a local store but our cell phones have no long distance so who cares.  What a way to possibly save postage and still get the loved one just what they want.  See how it might may be just what you need to do.  I am going to talk to the women on my list and see if we can work something out.

Some Summer to Winter Decor
Below are some before and after pictures using products from local retailers like Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond & Pottery Barn.
The wall over the sofa...I could not get it right!
Then we painted, added drapes (Bed Bath and Beyond) and changed out the throw pillows
for crewel embroidered ones bought at Pottery Barn.
I made myself hang wall decor in a straight line. I think it looks
more up to date.  Don't you?

The late summer table had me stumped.  Nothing would work!

Then I found these beautiful ginkgo branches in silk at Crate and Barrel.

They are being sold online for around $10 each.
I had the clerk dig three out from the back store room.
I think they are stunning.
Have a wonderful day.



  1. Beautiful design changes! You have a good eye for making things look fresh and up to date.

  2. Thank you Juhli. It just makes me happy. That is a good thing.



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