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10 Easy Smartphone/iphone Apps I use for Traveling!

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Traveling using your iphone or Android apps can make all the difference.  You can struggle to get the information you need or you can get smart and make your smart phone work for you. You can get along without them but it will not be as easy.  Really!
  1. Google Maps  Even though we have a Garmain for our car, I still find myself going to this wonderful app on my iphone.  I can find my location, enlarge the map to see the streets nearby and get directions along with the map showing my location in relationship to my destination.  I can even type the name of a store like Safeway along with the name of the city I am and it will show me all my available choices in relationship to where I am located at the moment.  We have gotten very dependent on this tool.
  2. AroundMe  Have you even just wanted to get some food but couldn't seem to located the restaurants nearby?  Here is just what you need.  You click on the app and find the category your are looking for (gas, food, groceries, hospitals).  Your phone locates where you are and then gives you a list along with how far you are from the business.  You can click on the map and it will tell you where it is, the phone number and even let you click "route" and take you there turn by turn.  We have used this tool for several years.  
  3. Yahoo Weather or The Weather Channel  Both of these are free to download.  I have both on my phone.  The Yahoo version is very straight forward and stores several location for you so you can just slide from one screen to the next.  The Weather Channel gives me 10 days of weather, a video if I want it.  Honestly I use them both.  Really, there is nothing worse than driving blind when it comes to the weather.  It is just a matter of being safe.
  4. foursquare is a social networking app.  All my family has an account and we track where members of the family are at any given time.  Any social networking app will work but we have kept this semi-private between family members.  We just take a second and check in at the place we are having lunch or where we are staying at night.  It has turned out to be very valuable for us.
  5. TripTracker is going to come in handy on our trip to the far east this next week.  It will track flight information, hotels, etc.  We need lots of back up for all our information.
  6. Flashlight  I thought this was a silly app until I began using it.  I have one called "light" that uses the flash for my camera as a laser light, SOS signals, and a flashing light.  I use it in motel rooms, inside my purse, walking at night and when I drop things on the floor.  This one is just priceless.  I see that most smart phones have something that is similar.
  7. RedLaser  This one of those little tools that you will use all the time.  This app will scan the bar code on items and tell you if it is available somewhere nearby for a lot less.  I tried this at Best Buy yesterday.  I don't know about you but travel and shopping go hand in hand.  I don't like buying a beach chair and walking in the next store to find it is on sale at 1/2 the price I just paid.  This is one cool little toy!
  8. Password  This app will allow you to store 4 passwords for free or you can pay $9.99 a year to store all those precious keys to your world. I have used other tricky ways of storing these but I always wondered what I would do if I lost my iphone or my computer were stolen.  It is just a thought.  We are a password coded universe and no matter where we are we need a password...usually one we can't remember.
  9. Currency XE  I just installed this on my phone.  We are traveling to China in a few days.  This one is will help with a quick translation of how many RMB is in the dollar.  You can add the country you are traveling to.  Shopping and bargaining is a part of this travel experience.
  10. Games  I will let you name your own poison.  These just make long flight and car rides go by faster and more fun!
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