Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 Small Gifts for Her ...Tuesday Gifts!

A picture of a special occasion is perfect!
Let me explain...a Tuesday gift is one you give for no reason at all and in my world it is a "small gift for her".  It can be a chocolate or a piece of silver.  The gift is not what matters.  The thought that someone thinks of you for no reason but that they like you does.  Here is a list of my favorite Tuesday gifts:

  • Packet of certificates for a car washes.  I received this as a gift.  I actually keep them in my glove compartment and when one of my older grandchildren stop by I give them one.  They really like that.  It is the gift that keeps giving.
  • Book Marks.  I have magnetic book marks, ones that have been given to me as gifts by merchants, ones I have made or even bought.  I include them in a thank you card or a book I am lending for the person to keep.
  • Packets of blank cards.  These are so handy.  If a stamp is on the envelop so much the better.
  • Seeds.  All my friends garden in pots or small beds.  It is so fun to pop them into the ground and have the gift show up weeks later.
  • A single chocolate.  All girls love these and one is the right amount!
  • A recipe in your own handwriting.  
  • A printed picture of a special occasion you have shared with the person. (Our computers can be our best friend.)
  • A book that you have read and want to share.  I love a used book better than anything.  Be sure to write a note in the front and encourage the person to do the same when they pass it along.
  • A loaf of homemade bread or anything that is special from the kitchen.
  • And one of my favorites; a rock I use as a paper weight...a friend brought it to me from a famous golf course.
I was given a Tuesday gift several years ago.  The idea is one I have embraces with enthusiasm.  The idea was probably the best gift of all.


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