Monday, January 9, 2012

Seniors: How do your choices affect others?

I think one of the universal truths is that "it is never all about me".  In this world every decision we make plays out not only in our own life but in the lives of those around us.  This applies to all that we do everyday.

Yes, that is the bottom in the distance!

Cat Cat Village at the bottom of the canyon
This bird came home to rest when we were in Sapa, Vietnam.  My husband and I were invited to walk with our family and a tour guide down the mountain to Cat Cat Village.  The walk began with a descent  into the valley below first on a rocky road that soon turned into a long secession of felt like 2 kilometers down and as many back.  The information we were given said it was an "easy" walk of only 2 kilometers.  I learned a very good lesson. Be sure what you are doing before you begin.  I could have fallen and did stumble several times.  I could have been unable to complete the walk.  Neither happened but I did slow the group down considerable.  I really did want to go on that walk so I made a childish decision.  My pride did not allow me to face the truth.  For a short few minutes I forgot that universal is not all about me!

So this is the lesson we should all take away from this.  When we choose to ignore doctors orders we will not be the only one to suffer, the people around us will suffer too.  When we choose to be irresponsible financially, others will pay the price for our selfishness.  When we choose to travel when we are not able, those people around us will suffer the consequences of our actions.  Ripples on the water will rock all the boats in the pond...your boat will not be the only one that sinks.

It is just a thought.


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  1. This is such an important thing to keep in mind and could positively affect our reactions in so many situations. I really need to work on remembering this when I get overly irritated at other people's behavior LOL.

    Beautiful pictures. What an incredible trip you took.


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