Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Safety and Common Sense

Did you know that Steve Jobs did not have a license plate on his car? When asked why he said that people followed him sometimes and if they got his license plate number they could find out where he lived. Even Steve Jobs had safety issues.
Vietnam worries?

We all know that we need to have a license plate on our car. It is the law and common sense tells us that if we want to protect our car from thieves, police need to be able to identify it in rush hour traffic. The lesson is that we need to think about and take logical steps to keep our belongings and ourselves safe.

Keeping Our Home Secure
A life style that does not follow the normal patterns has some unique issue and we wonder; how do I keep my home safe when I am gone and myself safe when I am at home? I don't want to worry about my home and safety ever. I especially don't want it weighing on my mind when I am vacationing. I am well aware that even those of us that don't have a lot of valuable things should be concerned about intruders in our homes.  The feeling of helplessness left behind by a home invasion or even the worry about an intruder tells us that this is the place where we need to spend a little time and money to keep it from ever happening. I suggest:

1.     Technology can be your friend.  I have a family member that leaves her computer camera open when she is gone. If you think that someone may be using your home as a motel and stealing a few items while they are at it, this may be the perfect choice for you.  Home security systems can help with this too. You can even use your smart phone/iphone to control your system when you are far away.
2.    If you recently moved, be sure that your locks are changed.  Extra keys can be your undoing.
3.    Keep your house locked at all time when you are not at home, especially back or side doors. Thieves don't mind the daylight as much as we think they do.
4.    If you are leaving for an extended period of time, be sure the neighbors are aware.  I have visions of a moving van pulling up and taking everything.  In my worst nightmare the neighbors offer them coffee and lunch.
5.    Stop the paper and have mail forwarded...this is such a commonly held knowledge but you would be surprised how many people (including me) neglect to do this.  I had a postal carrier steal items from my stacked up mail.
6.    Leave the window coverings in a semi-normal position.  While we don't like people peaking in, drawn blinds screams "no one is at home".
7.    Move any really valuable items that might be visible from windows when you are gone.  Hide the computer.  When we are home, windows that show valuable things are kept closed at night.
8.    Take advantage of technology.  Be sure you are safe in your home when you are there and your home is safe when you are not.  So one last way to obviously help protect you and your home is with a home security system through companies like ADT.

Just a thought.


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