Monday, March 5, 2012

Am I Pushy? Are They Polite? Canadians and Americans

My Husband and I during a visit to China!
If you are a snowbird and from Canada you know what I am saying. Americans are not like Canadians in a lot of ways. I think Canadians are very polite.  I always thought I was polite too but it could be that Canadians don't see me that way. Maybe my way of just introducing myself and inviting you to come live next door to me is pushy and therefore a little rude. Well I was told I was too pushy. But I don't think so. I think I am friendly.

I was standing next to a woman at a gathering here in our park. It was very crowded and I started a conversation by commenting on how big the bubble is we put around our body. People that live in the Far East have a very small bubble and are accustomed to being pushed and crowded. She turned to me and said "I wouldn't know. I am a Canadian." I didn't know what she was talking about. I didn't think we were that much different.  Are we? Or did she dislike me that much?

I really do sympathize with the Canadian snowbirds that visit each year.  They are model citizens and a great asset to our park.  The thing is though, they are not US citizens.  It is very hard for them to remember that after thinking of this as a second home for months on end.  When they are stopped at check points north of the Mexican border, they are asked for their passports.  One border agent threatened to jail a group of Canadians traveling with Americans when the Canadians couldn't produce it.

My husband and I worry about our rights here because of Arizona's policy regarding suspicious Mexican Americans. Our last name is almost hispanic.  I have thought about carrying a copy of our passport just in case.  It would be very frightening for me if I were a Canadian. It would be hard to remember that I was a visitor in this country and don't have the rights US citizens enjoy.  I think Immigration can detain a foreigner without a warrant for quite a while.  I have even read about US citizens being detained because of an unfounded suspected violation of the Homeland Security Act.

I even have to remind myself where I am when we travel. The border requirements in Spain, China, Vietnam and Thailand could be a bad thing if we didn't look just right.  When we are in a place where we are not a citizen, we are very careful and always polite. Sometimes we even try to look Canadian because the world likes them better.  The United States is not different.  Illegals come into this country from all over the world.  Some come to visit and just never go home. It is a huge drain on our economy.

So I do think that Canadian are polite and I am pushy.  No Canadian has ever said I was rude.  I came up with that one on my own.  I worry because I don't like for anyone to dislike me.  But then that is just me.  I am an American!

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  1. Hi Barb,
    Bob from Satisfying Retirement pointed me in your direction ... I guess because I'm Canadian and mentioning that we will be retiring soon and hoping to possibly adopt Phoenix area as a second home away from home.
    We're new at this retirement thing and really haven't thought it out or planned ahead other than faithfully saving for retirement each year. Can we really be there already???
    Anyway, looking for a friendly voice in cyberspace to help make retirement feel a little less scary. So will be signing on to listen to "Retire in Style".
    Thanks! Lesley

  2. Me,

    I think you will love your life here in the winter. Please be sure to check the blog post about Canadian Border crossing and The Canadian Snowbird Association. I think you will find it helpful.



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