Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Are you safe? Nothing is "Private" Online

But when I received this Infographic called You Are Not Safe Online I thought it was a good reminder.  If you don't want to let the everyone to know your numbers, pay attention!

I read 1984 back the early 1960's.  It still haunts me.  But only in light of my world then.  The flat earth  was still round and all of my life was private.  No one watched my every move and I could shop without anyone knowing if I used cash and wore a disquise.  Boy have things change.

I have nothing to fear really.  I take the necessary precautions in my online life.  I do that sort of thing much like I lock my front door at night.  Humans are humans and always have been...some are good and some are bad!  But still...is this a good thing?  Here is a "picture" of how your online activities are shared.
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