Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When Smart Decor Is Still Atomic...2012 Style! Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is all about living in small spaces.  It seems that living in a city among a million people does not insure any human contact.  Apartment Therapy is a place apt. dwellers can go online to read about other people that live the same lifestyle. I guess you can see why I am a frequent visitor to this website!  My small space life is indeed a lifestyle choice my husband and I have made.

They have been running a contest for home design blogs.  They said;
There are awards for all sorts of blogs, but no one ever pays enough attention to the home blogs, so we started The Homies.
They just thought that people writing a home design blog should get more traffic. The money prize is $50 but the big prize is a whole lot of traffic.  If you are a blogger you will understand how important traffic is. Readers are now voting on the blogs using a list created in the last week of February. But we are all winners because this allows people like you and me to have access to a list of the best of the best home design blogs.  Five blogs have made the finals and I voted today.

Finalist Links
(The blog names in orange above are the blog links but you need to go to Apartment Therapy to vote before March 9, afternoon)

From Chezerbey
I visited each blog just to make sure I wasn't voting the one with the best name.  If I were to pick the best name I would have to go with The Lettered Cottage.  In fact this is a beautiful blog and one I have on my blog list here in my sidebar. I like that blog a lot.  It has by far the best tutorials around!
Atomic Art from Stevo Cambronne as seen on Retro Renovation
I really could not believe how hard it was for me to pick.  Initially, I wanted to vote for Retro Renovation. I remember when retro was new. Teal green cars and kitchen counters used the same paint chip.  Girls wore "Bermuda shorts" and guys combed their hair back in a "duck tail". But I decided I didn't want to read more than one post. I guess I don't have any sentimental attachment to that era.

So I finally chose Chezerbey.  This blog is about a young couple, both architects, that are making their home in Seattle.  The blog follows the renovation of one of Seattle's 1910 homes. The blog posts show you step by step how they have transformed the interior into a beautiful modern, minimalist environment.  The exterior is also renovated and the couple has managed to bridge the gap between the modern interior and the modest 1910 exterior.  The whole process from rough sketches to the finished (?) product are chronicled in a carefully written blog.  

So I didn't pick the atomic Retro Renovation blog.   I think the creators of Chezerbey have created a smart, functional design for this "fixer Upper" and they have some wonderful recap pages that take you through the whole process without the need to search hundreds of posts.  In a lot of ways their choices reflect what "atomic design" is in 2012.   They are not in 1st place but maybe if everyone votes for the before Friday, they might win.

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