Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hotspot: Wine Shop in Oregon Wine Country

I love the smell of a beautiful wine in a beautiful glass...in fact I love wine, period! So how did that wine shop on main street in my little town (Hillsboro, Oregon) get there without me knowing? I cannot figure it out.
Washington County Countryside, 2012
Earlier in the summer my husband bought a wine tasting for two from Living Social at Primrose and Tumbleweeds in down town Hillsboro, Oregon. When he asked me if want to go, I was less than enthusiastic. After all Hillsboro is not the cultural center of the western world. What I forgot was that Hillsboro is fast becoming the gateway to Washington County wine country. This might be the new hotspot in the wine world and Primrose is banking on it!

If you are from Oregon and have missed Washington County, it is an emerging trendy country setting for little restaurants, bed and breakfast and wineries. You need to check it out. This place is beyond beautiful but still laid back, unpretentious and welcoming.

I am glad that we decided to take advantage of this Living Social coupon.  Primrose and Tumbleweeds is a beautiful unique kind of place. The wine shop features a full service bar, a bistro with lots of gluten free fare and the world's largest collection of Oregon wines! Really! It is impressive.

Their collections included some of our favorites...wines that do not appear in the local grocery store or anywhere else that I know of. For example, Cana's Feast near Carlton makes the most wonderful Bordeaux style wines. I have tried to buy the wines at the winery but was turned away because their wine club members get first pick. Primrose has the wine in stock. 

Our Living Social coupon gave us a wine tasting that consisted of 6 different wines and two appetizer plates to accompany the wine. I was impressed with everything they did.  Locals dropped in to buy wine or have an appetizer place after work. They were busy as you could expect on a slow Monday evening. I would recommend it to anyone.

I am told that their Tuesday night event is great. (Farmers) Market opens on main street and this beautiful little down town area comes alive. Primrose always has something special on that evening + they feature live music on Friday and Saturday.  

I thought you needed to know!


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