Friday, September 14, 2012

Keeping Life Fair: Wear Hearing Aids and other good stuff!

Just Because...Seaside, Oregon
Do you have a hard time hearing but, according to you, are doing just fine?  How many times a day do you say "Huh?" After all, if the you are able to get most of the important stuff, can turn the TV up on the 12 setting and don't have to listen to a lot of small talk, why should you pay all that money for the stupid things?  Right?

Well, here is the deal. You do not live in a bubble. You share your life with other people. Taking those people into account would lead most people to reconsider their decision to pass up the hearing aids. How about you? Remember, you need to be fair to the humans and the whining dog that needs to go out.

Oh by the way, my husband has worn hearing aids for years so I am not talking about him or anyone in particular!:) I'm just saying.

I came across a couple of blogs I think you should read.
  • Frikos World: Friko is a middle aged German woman living in England who can be funny while quoting Shakespeare.  It doesn't get much better than that. 
  • Where's My Effing Pony: Funny, insightful, English.  
  • Why You Little.....: This is a light hearted blog is written by a ve-e-e-ery talented writer.  I love this  genre. When the cat drives a car I want to hear about it! Take a look.
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  1. We have been working on my mom for years as her hearing steadily became worse. She did not want her friends to see a big 'ol hearing aid attached to her head. She finally took a look at the more modern hardly-visible options and is now wearing a pair and hearing just fine. Unfortunate for her bridge friends because she can now actually hear the bid and her game has suddenly improved remarkably. :)

  2. Dave

    A friend tod me about a woman that been deaf for many years. She had just been answering every comment with "well, isn't that lovely". So that was her response when a friend came to tell her that her husband had dropped dead. She bought hearing aids a week after the funeral. True story.



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