Sunday, September 16, 2012

PERFECT FOR GRANDPARENTS: 7 Ideas for a Custom Made Gifts...Christmas is coming (I'm sorry)!

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Do the marketing genius people have us conditioned?  It is not even Halloween yet and I am beginning to think about shopping for the Christmas Holiday season.  It is just sick!

Custom Made
This year I am trying to think "custom made" for some people on my small list.  Over on the Facebook account a website for custom made toys created using a child's artwork caught my eye. I love the idea of giving a piece of artwork to parents or the grandchildren that holds wonderful memories. Here are some of the websites I found:
custom soft toys
  • Totally Out of Hand is a website devoted to creating children's artwork  using a child's artwork.
  • Child's Own Studio recreates the artwork into custom soft toys for children
  • Dog Magic Studio has formed a partnership with the National Autism Foundation to recreate jewelry using the child's hand print or thumb print.
  • Kid Doodle will do the same. The artist is a mom working out of her home and exhibiting art in the Outer Banks area.

Adding your personal touch:
I think we will get this
one for Christmas this year.
  • Read aloud stories were a huge success with our grandchildren.  We read Good Night Moon and gave the book as a gift last winter. There are many choices.
  • Custom made rubber stamps are wonderful.  You can select the working and have it made. They too can use your child's artwork. I found an etsy shop that will do that for you.
  • Retirees love business cards...especially when they travel.  Have you ever thought of having some made of them or even creating them yourself on the computer at home and giving them as a gift.  I would think that college students might even like them. I just order a box of them from
I am not saying you need to start shopping now....but if you want custom made it may take a while! I'm just saying.


Note:  Most of the websites listed above are just found and I have no financial interest.  The book picture is from Amazon.

If anyone knows where a person can buy a blank read aloud book let me know.  I think it would be fun to tell a story about a time spent with the children and include pictures.


  1. My kids were only allowed to make our presents while growing up. Even now I love the home made ones. Of course it doesn't hurt when both have great artistic talent. :)

  2. Shelley,

    I know what you mean. That was why I loved these ideas. You really can just let someone else do it.

    I made aprons for my friends one year. I didn't even try to cover up mistakes...I just told them everything was intentional. I even marked the awful places with a button. They were actually kind of cute...but then that is just me!


  3. Barbara, I'm embroidering a pillow case for each of my grandchildren. Started in June, and beginning to panic!

  4. Love this article and of course, love all things custo made. If you really want to give something unique for gifts, please check out There are tons of artists here wanting to help you create something special and one-of-a-kind.

    Thanks for writing this piece!

  5. Sally,

    I love this idea. I am the proud grandmother of 12 aged 21-4 mo. There is not a chance that I could accomplish what you have set out to do.

    Thank you for the comment.



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