Thursday, October 4, 2012

BEST 4 Toys for my Grandsons! Christmas is coming!

My grandsons are 2+ and 4+ years old. They love rough and tumble, the outdoors and dinosaurs!  Not necessarily in that order. If they can manipulate a toy, disassemble, reassemble its parts and roar their lives are good. 

Imaginex Toys by Fisher Price

Fisher-Price Imaginext Apatosaurus Dino

Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex
So when I discovered that Fisher Price had a line of toys called Imaginex, I was thrilled to death. The toys are perfect for my two little boys.  I bought the dinorsaur versions of the Imaginex Toy in a boxed set at a local big box store.  The set I purchased included the Apotosaurus and the T-Rex.  These turned out to be perfect for the parallel play little children engage in.  The two year old needed some help but the 4 year old could manage the toy without a problem.  I think Fisher Price recommends 5+.

My grandsons traded the two back and forth for the better part of the day they spent with us.  When they returned a few days later, the toys were just as much fun. I liked that a lot. I found that the pieces were big enough that they were not totally lost in the first few minutes. The toy included a person that stands alone or can be put on the saddle to ride.  Both toys had saddles that could be removed. The T-Rex even had two little soft darts that could be shot out of the saddle. My husband and I played with the boys and I even had fun. Fun is good! 

I will be ordering another toy from this Fisher Price toy line for Christmas. The younger grandchildren will love them.

  The beauty of this line of toys is that no matter your grandchild's latest obsession, the line has something for them.  For example the Super Friends Gift Set you see ABOVE will have all the same qualities and value as the toy I bought had.

Dinosaur Eggs 

Toysmith Ginormous Hatchin Grow Dino

My son and his wife bought this very simple ginormous dinosaur egg at a local toy store. This is such a fun inexpensive but quality stocking stuffer (you do know Christmas is coming). The egg actually hatches a dinosaur after soaking in water for a couple of days. This is a small lesson in paleontology  I was so impressed with the quality of the egg and the wonderful dinosaur that emerged from the egg. I kept wondering how did they do that? I would recommend this to any parent or grandparent as a gift. 


  1. I love the fisher price on line store. Check out the Nativity and other holiday toys you can only buy on line, they are great!!

  2. I was very impressed with the quality. My children used Fisher Price toys and we are still using them with grandchildren! You can order them through Amazon my clicking on the links.



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