Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 + 1 Best Christmas Gifts for Senior Citizens by a Senior Citizen!

    I do not have this book on my list but 
    it is the most important gift you can give. Please, please look at this book on Amazon and order one for a family friend or anyone you love. Galen Pearl is a remarkable woman that wrote this book to raise money for the Edward Center in Portland Area. The center provides residence and vocational help for autistic adults. 

    If grandma says she doesn't want t gift, she is a big fat liar! Grandmothers, mothers, and every woman and man on your list likes to be remembers at Christmas. It is an important acknowledgement of their value.

    So here is my list of things I would like to have or have gotten in the past...I am assuming other senior citizens will feel the same.

    If anyone in your family does not know about or own an Kindle/Nook or iPad, you can be the hero by introducing them to this piece of technology!  You get what you think is best. These devices keep getting better and better. The importance of keeping mentally involved is so important. For people that are suffering from cataracts they are a way of continuing to read.
    1. Give a gift certificate for digital books or magazines from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Apple.
    2. Grandma/Grandpa love gift cards just as much as their grandchildren do...get them an Amazon gift card from the whole family.  They will love to just fritter away money without thinking that they should have given it to you!
    3. If Grandma/Grandpa are a strong church member or loves charity they will love a gift that will allow them to donate to a charity.
    4. Grandma/Grandpa love to snuggle...with a pair of house slippers or a beautiful blanket.I love a silk throw or shawl. Get something that has frivolous written all over it for Grandma.  Buy Grandpa something in plaid!
    5. Grandma/Grandpa probably have favorite TV shows...why not buy them the whole television series of their favorite shows.  They will even enjoy a whole season of what you are watching. Grandma/Grandpa like to keep up with the times.
    6. You know that fancy restaurant you told them about after you took yourself out for an anniversary or valentines day?  Well, they want to go there too. Make it a double date just like you would with friends.  It makes Grandma and Grandpa feel like they belong in your real life.
    7. Grandpa like to watch sports and may love a magazine on sports or hunting.  If he is a techie, get him a magazine digital subscription to PC Magazine or Apple Magazine...the same hold true for wine, cigars, travel.  If there is a magazine on "Taking Naps" he will really like that one.  Grandma will love a digital magazine subscription more than you know.  She will even tell you which one to order!!!!
    8. Give a gift card that can be redeemed for things you can do for Grandma and Grandpa.  They would love to see you over a cup of coffee in the morning. Get a pedicure with Grandma or go to the hair dresser together.  Maybe give each of them some time separately.  Be creative.
    9. This Grandma loved the gift of a cooking lesson with a local chef...if your Grandma or Grandpa is into learning new things, a gift of a class at the local college is always a good idea.
    10. This grandmother would love one day of help with cleaning kitchen cabinets. I would even fix lunch.
    I could just keep on going.  My family has always been very creative.  Really it seems to me that if you love something then it probably is a good gift for someone in your family.  Often we share the same interests!

    Happy shopping everyone.

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    1. The best gift you can ever give to senior citizens is the Just5 mobile phone. My grandma is using this phone and she has been saved by the phone a couple times already. The phone has emergency response features that can contact help automatically in just a press of a button. Plus, the phone is very easy to use with its simple design and basic functions. I learned about this phone at www.just5.com.

    2. Great list! My grandmother always appreciates a gift of her favorite chocolates and cookies - JUST FOR HER! No sharing allowed. :-)

    3. A comfort and love coming from their family is worth a million gift.

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    5. I'm not even a grandma and I think it's a great list. Actually, I'm not even a grandpa yet, but still, it's got everything on it that I want and I will forward to my family!

    6. The Amazon gift Card, Ill try that one this year.

    7. Thank you everyone for affirming my wants. I am like Tom...I think I will forward this to my family too. I want all of this stuff!



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