Sunday, November 4, 2012

For Sale: One Extra Hour, Never Been Used!

Arizona Sunset
Okay, I know that daylight saving time has it's benefits. You know, more daylight hours in the summer and all that. And I do understand why we cannot do it all year around. Children cannot stand in the dark waiting for buses or walk to school in the black of night. But still....!

I am retired and I really don't need more daylight. There is a lot of stuff that goes on with my body when I lose or gain an hour.  Number one, I hate to give up the hour in the summer when the day is so beautiful and what do I need an hour for now that it is rainy and cold.

Arizona, as backward as it is, may have it figured out. They don't change their time ever. They just don't feel the need to be in step with the rest of the country. They hate change and daylight savings is where they draw the line. I like that!

Besides, I am getting older every day and my body is getting less and less flexible. Not only do my joints not want to move, my mind doesn't want to move either. So, as a result, I have an extra hour I will sell really cheap.  I probably won't be using it anyway!



  1. I like "fall back" because it means that when I wake up in the morning it's getting light out. For a few weeks more, at least.

  2. Wow, Linda, you must be a lot younger than I am. It doesn't matter what the clock says. My body has a mind of its own! :)


  3. Japan, Like Arizona didn't change its clocks either. Depressing. Or maybe just winter is.


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