Monday, November 5, 2012

It's My Birthday! 5 Things

Only 5 (five)? Well, as with our life, we need to stop somewhere don't you think and 5 is plenty for one day. Five things about this 71 year old woman.

Travel, beauty, freedom, meditation
 and independence!
 (by b in Vietnam)
  1. I love to think! I was accused do "day dreaming" when I was very, very young as though it was a bad thing. But I didn't buy into that notion and spend a good deal of time sharing into space.
  2. Don't tell me...I absolutely hate to be told what to do as much today as I did when I was 15.  Sorry!
  3. Beauty nourishes me better than food. I learned a long time ago that I could not "buy" beauty. The beautiful things of life are not a purchased commodity but a innate appreciation for what is around me. 
  4. I torment myself over my appearance.  That is not good but true.  In an article written over at Psychology Today the author said: We think a flat tummy, toned arms, thin thighs, and a firm neck will make us feel better about ourselves, when all it actually takes to feel better is a martini and plate of cheese snacks.  This describes me!
  5. Travel scares me but I am addicted to it. I wish I were more fearless...but I am not. It takes a lot of courage on my part to venture out into the world. On the other hand I live for the next adventure. It could be that I am living the life of a left handed person...wonky but fun!
So there you have it!  Happy Birthday to me...and many more!  :)



  1. Hope you're having a wonderful birthday.

  2. Thank you so very much. I am reveling in the day!


  3. Happy Birthday, and I love the 5 things!!

  4. Galen, the five things are so so true. I would not tell a lie on my 71st birthday. The truth is there are about 100 more things that are set in stone. Sigh!


  5. Shelly, thank you so much. I have had a wonderful day!



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