Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Traveling as Ma and Pa Kettle? I hope not!

My husband and I always have this discussion before we start on a trip. Are we going to look like the The Beverly Hillbillies on the back of the truck or Ma and Pa Kettle from the farm? It can be a problem. While we like to think that our lifestyle is under control and we really don't have to get "dressed" up if we don't want to, the truth is appearance does count.

We moved from a very rural part of Oregon when we retired. People in metropolitan areas are more apt to judge you on how you are dressed. Dress rich and get treated rich! It is true even if it is sad.

Travel is a lot like that. We are leaving on Saturday for Riviera Maya on the Mediterranean side of Mexico.  Cozumel will be nearby and the resort we will stay will be moderately upscale. We will do tourist things and shop. Time will be spent by the pool and we will dress for dinner on most evenings.

So out comes the resort wear. We bought new swim suits because we left ours in Arizona last spring. I had my nails and hair done. I insisted my husband get his hair trimmed. I just think we enjoy ourselves more when we put forward the effort to make ourselves look presentable. Feeling self confident is very important in travel situations. So we decided that Ma and Pa Kettle can stay on the farm. We are going get ourselves fixed up before we go to Mexico!


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  1. Not sure where you are staying (just found your blog) but Cozumel is very casual.. and warm and humid.We have visited there several times, though not in the last few years, perhaps it has changed? I can't imagine needing an evening gown! Or evening very dressy evening clothes.I always wore cotton dresses and nice sandals to dinner. Skorts and tee shirts in the daytime. Spent LOTS of time on the beach and snorkeling. We stayed at the El President when we were there I Will follow your trip adventure posts !!

  2. Madeline,

    I actually don't even own an evening gown! Just to show you how close I really am to being Ma Kettle, my idea of dressing for dinner is clean crop pants and a clean t-shirt! I do have decent sandals and my clothes are relatively new. Hopefully it will be okay...if it isn't so be it!



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