Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Holy Mackerel Asthma in China and the Cat Has the Flu Too

We are in Arizona for three months. Being gone from home can be very hard. I miss my family a lot. But on the other hand, at least back in the old days, the "out of sight, out of mind" made it easier. We knew less about what was going on with the family and friends back then. I was a new grandmother when we first started traveling so I hadn't learned to trust my children with my grandchildren yet. Even though I know more now, I also trust my children to know 10x as much as I do. It has all balanced out somehow.

So when my daughter-in-law in Oregon wrote on her Facebook page that our granddaughter had the stomach flu and so did the cat I could only shake my head. The cat???? Really? But that was not all. One of her friends had the same experience a couple of weeks ago. I sent text short message to my son this morning and he replied with a picture of the baby granddaughter merrily bouncing up and down in a springy thing. That was good! I didn't ask about the cat.

Facebook is my source of information these days. My son in Shanghai told about the pollution levels in Beijing the other day. It was a lot worse than it was in Shanghai and trust me, Shanghai has air than will perm your hair.  His wife had a "holy mackerel" asthma attack while she was packing to leave for Beijing. I suggested she buy a mask...all the Chinese people wear them when the air is so suspect...but they really are ugly, ugly, ugly masks. I very much doubt she will take my suggestion. I know I wouldn't.

Like Gilda Radner said,  "it is always something". By the time I get in the picture, the "holy mackerel" is all over and the DIL is home from Beijing. The baby is better and the cat has recovered or run away. I suppose the point is that worry really is a waste of my emotional life. Those people in control are taking care. In fact, what I see as worry actually does not exist in my world when I am so far from home.

Just a thought!


+Galen Pearl, You will appreciate this thought I does not exist in my world.
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  1. I get all my family news from Facebook, too, plus occasional text messages.

  2. I get most extended family news from Facebook, but my children don't post much -- too busy, I think!

  3. Sometimes it is better that I don't know. I know that they will call if there is a real problem. I know my daughter called the morning after my granddaughter drove through the front window at the 7-Eleven mini-mart.



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