Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Please send me bail! The cactus police about to arrested me!

I loved this botanical print of the Cereus from
Our Saguaro before it tipped over!
I fear that the cacti police will be showing up at anytime.  It seems that I (meaning my husband and I...I am not taking all the blame) have managed to kill more cactus that is allowable. We could be in trouble...there are laws I am told.

 When we moved into our park model we had a Saguaro that was very old.  It sat directly in front of our window. Summer before last the monsoons came and tipped the beauty over onto the street.  It would have crushed our little doll house if it had fallen the other way. In the end it didn't matter...the Saguaro Cactus is a protected plant. I worried that someone would blame us. Did we water it too much?

Night Blooming Cacti From Find My Banana Bread Man
We felt really bad so a neighbor gave us a night blooming cactus that he had nurtured for many years. He wanted the pot for another plant so all we had to do was dislodge it and plant it in the ground. The very next season it turned so cold it froze to its core and we had to throw it away.

One of the two remaining specimen that we actually treasured was our Barrel Cactus. It was so fat that it had decided to take a nap in the flower bed. When we came back this January it was a rotten mass and the park will have to take it away too.
Barrel Cactus
I know...I am not the first to tell you that it is very cold here...we have had temperatures down to 19 and the temperature tonight will be warmer...25 degrees. The water pipe froze that connected my washing machine in the shed. Cactus and water pipes are just not designed for this cold weather. We have covered the lemon and Mandarin trees plus one remaining cactus that I cannot identify. The cactus business really is outside my expertise. Even though we have been doing this for many years, we just cannot seem to get it right!  Darn!

I am beginning to worry. There are people that protect these plants and I was even told that if I ever messed with the Saguaro in the front of our park model, I would be in baaaaaaddddd trouble. Yikes! The cactus police are at my door.  Please send money...I may have to go to cactus jail...in Arizona. That is not a good thing.


+Kathleen McCoy loved her post on her cactus protection plan. She knows what to do!

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  1. Cactus should not be watered---ever.
    No cactus police. It is just very sad to see them die. You actually can save a cactus---they mostly have roots like grass and can be easily transplanted.

    Sorry you have lost two.

    BTW- a fat cactus is NOT a happy one.
    happy Tucsoning!

  2. During this cold snap I've seen plants in our park covered with grocery sacks, fabric, and other things. I wouldn't lose any sleep over a dead cactus. They are well equipped to reproduce themselves, as a species.

  3. No water!!! Yikes! I suppose I just loved these babies to death. They are such slow growers and the time is getting short so I want to hurry them (I think). I will plant a flower bed soon and continue to over water everything. No more cacti for me. ;). You can ever take the OREGON out of me.



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