Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I wish I had a penny....books and more!

If I could go back and collect a penny for every book I wanted to read or movie I wanted to see or even places I wanted to go, I would have a lot of pennies.  If the age old adage ...wishes were fishes, the lake would be full! were true, my lake would be very, very full!

I received a my monthly newsletter from Simon and Schuster this morning and another penny went into my jar.  After Visiting Friends by Michael Hainey topped their list of Indie Books this month. I want this book a lot.

The book is a story of a man, mysteriously dead at a young age, as told by the son left behind at the age of six.  Hainey is a newspaperman like his father before him and evidently a very talented writer. He was haunted by what he did not know and no one was willing to share.  He finally began searching for answers when he became the age that his father was when he died. 

Then there was the email from a promoter of travel in Scotland. He wanted to post promotions for a travel website from that country.  I blew him off and now I regret at least not getting to know him.  My jar is getting fuller every day.  It is become very evident to me that I want to go to that country one day before I die. I may be watching too much Netflix and have fallen in love with Monarch of the Glen BBC series.

One of my friends here in the park has been to Cuba a number of times.  He is from Canada and goes into the country through Mexico.  I am not sure if we can do that but I want to and have put a penny in my jar so I will remember.

Then there are all those movies I want to see but can't seem to make myself leave the house to go see them.  Les Miserables, the latest Jame Bond are two that come to mind today.

I suppose my point here is what am I waiting for anyway? The pennies are not worth enough to collect but doing what I do now could be very important. Tic-toc! I have told you before that I am through waiting. I even wrote my whole camera off on taxes this year as a blog related expense. Who knows what next year will bring...why wait!

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  1. I have a list of movies and of books. I consume them more slowly than the list grows, but I am trying.

  2. My Mom always said "If wishes were horses you'd have a barn full". Now I can add your saying about fishes to that thought! By the way, you can go to Cuba directly by going on a Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) program. I have an 80+ year old friend who went last year and loved the trip.


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