Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pink Martini Music: We should take it slow, rest our heads upon the grass, listen to it grow!

The lyrics from a Pink Martini song always make me think...then sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry.  Their Facebook page describes them as "Breakfast At Tiffany's meets the United Nations." Their songs don't fit into a genre...but I don't care because they speak to my heart.  When my husband and I attended the Tucson Symphony performance featuring the Pink Martini band I was not disappointed. They brought the crowd to their feet and had them dancing the aisles. It was not your usual symphony experience but Pink Martini is not your usual band.

They reminded me again that being young was hard. But what was hard then is still hard as I age. Remember back when you started out and you wanted more and then, when you got it, you felt the same?  More doesn't fill the holes in our hearts even when we are older. When the song says, "Life's been moving oh so fast, I think we should take it slow, rest our heads upon the grass and listen to it grow" I just wanted to sit dow, smell the air, listen to the birds and be grateful. It made me cry because I regret ever being in a hurry.

Splendor in the Grass is the name of the album and the song by the same name is featured on the song list.  The video you see above won the Pink Martini Grand Prize for a video contest. China Forbes sings the song co-written by Thomas Lauderdale, band leader, and Lauderdale's college friend Alex Marashian.  Pink Martini is a Portland group and, though uninvited, I managed to stand next to Lauderdale at the back door to Portland's Arlene Schnitzer theatre on a magic New Year Eve several years ago. (see related article below) I am a huge fan. I hope you enjoy the music. I dare you to listen without tears in your eyes!


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  2. We also love Pink Martini and got to see them close up when they played the amphitheater at Scottsdale Center for the Arts.I have a "PINK MARTINI" channel set on Pandora and often play it around the dinner hour when my husband is coming home from work, we sit with a glass of wine and enjoy the evening-- ahhh..the simple things in life!!

  3. Oh Madeline, I am so with you...that is my favorite time of day to spend with Pink Martini. We are retired but we still cling to that routine.



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