Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aging: Is your search engine working against you?

I was reading The Succulent Wife yesterday. It struck me that the advertising industry is so pervasive that there is no way to escape the images of ourself as somehow not good enough.  Every page we go to on our computer is loaded with ads for things we women need to make us look more youthful. The search engines know how old we are, where we live and what we like to do. They take that information and place ads on your Facebook page and maybe even on your email account. I even suspect that the ads on my blog are aimed at me specifically. Don't ask me how but it is a fact. Susan Keats contributed the article and this what she had to say:
What a relief it would be if I wasn’t continuously bombarded with reminders of my age, but was encouraged instead to prioritize other things: books, classes, ideas, travel, excitement! Why, with a mind focused on my wonderful life ahead, (which is full of possibilities) I’d actually be a really happy gal! 
Feeling like a teen is unbecoming to me as a grown woman. I am fully capable of having a better handle on things than certain advertisers would want me to believe I have. Life can be too short to waste on obsessing over appearance.  Read more: http://www.thesucculentwife.com/my-after-life-series-get-a-handle-on-it/#ixzz2RxpgVXRz
The burning question here is How would you feel about your life if you did not possess a mirror and you never saw any of these ads? Think about it. Would you be proud of your education or want to share the books you had read and the creative ideas you have? Could it be that your travels would make you shine from within? Would you feel happier with your lot? Would you make education or books or travel a priority?

I think if we could turn a blind eye to all of these ads and do what Keats is proposing, we would be transformed somehow. Today, do what she said...focus on your wonderful life and the endless possibilities. Use the mirror to apply a little make-up and comb your hair. Then turn away from it and get on with your life. Tick, tock!
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