Monday, April 29, 2013

Blogging: Have you noticed the changes?

Many times things change so slowly that we barely notice. Weight gain, gray hairs, a small stoop or even lots of weeds in our garden can sneak up on us. Good things are like that too. In my world it is the small things that give me pleasure but sometimes I over look them.

Have you noticed that:
  • there are more comments on this blog?
  • that the link with google+ is allowed on my website now?
  • I am talking less about retirement?
  • guest posts are just getting better and better?
  • my writing skills are improving?
  • I have become a bit of an expert?
  • it is time for a new blog header picture (fall is over...really)?

  • Summer Header Picture?
    I was asked to write for a website called GenFab recently.  It is aimed at middle aged women and I may be the oldest in the original group but still...there I am. I loved that small change in my life that turned out to be a very big thing. It not only is very interesting but I am also gaining more comments and support from the fabulous women.  That give me pleasure.

    The income I make on this blog is not very much but it has grown at a steady pace beginning with the day I understood what I had created here on the web. I didn't even notice until I took a look at the figures. That gives me a lot of pleasure.

    Summer Header Picture?
    New Subjects
    The retirement subject is all worn out...not only by me but by the growth in "retirement" blogs since I began all those years ago. I don't write about the subject, at least not directly, anymore. I have reached a point where I don't see my lifestyle as a "retirement lifestyle". The third stage of my life is about a lot more than "not working". That was not a small change but one I made deliberately and I can't even remember the day I made that decision. It opened up a whole new world for me and that gives me pleasure.
    Summer Header Picture?
    Guest Post
    The contact I receive from professional freelance writers and marketing people is a lot of fun. This part of my blogging life has evolved so slowly I have to make myself notice the change. I have built a tiny store front where people can post their work with a link do their business and pay me a fee.  I control who posts and what they post about. Their information is wonderful and is directly related to all those subjects I have posted about. That gives me pleasure.
    Summer Header Picture?
    Writing about things I find interesting gives me more pleasure than you can ever know. Learning new skill is a slow process but when I stop and become more aware I can see the metamorphosis. Being creative is a facet of my personality that I treasure.

    I have noticed that friends come to me for help with their computer problems. I don't always have the answers but I love the contact. It is something we have in common and I have watched them grow in their skills. That gives the teacher in me a lot of pleasure.

    Not Autumn Yet
    Have you wondered why my blog header has remained stuck in the fall season? I have. This day might bring a change to my blogger header.  Season's change and, even though the header can be seen as symbolic of my stage in life, I am not ready to be all about autumn. I still have a lot of springs, summers and beautiful winters left in me. I love small changes still. That gives me pleasure.


    Note: I have not found the perfect picture for the header yet. After editing, cropping and jazzing up any one of these above would be great. You just have to use your imagination. What do you think? 
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