Thursday, May 16, 2013

Backroads in Oregon: Garden Vineyard, Hillsboro

This place just takes my breath away sometimes. We took a short drive out to one of our favorite wineries on Sunday. The owners work out of two locations. You have seen pictures of their primary place of business but on Sunday they invited members to come to the estate where the wine is actually produced. This place just blew my socks off. The grounds were worth of The Great Gatsby.  While it was a bit down at the heels, the bones were absolutely gorgeous.  From the lilac lined walkways to the formal gardens and arbors lush wish wisteria you could imagine a kinder gentler time. We picniced near the terrace as a small band played in the background. Life was very good on that day.

Take a look at Garden Vineyard website. If you are in the PDX area it might be worth looking into.


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