Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Small Space Living: Remodeling? Angies List

Okay, I told you yesterday that I was looking at carpet for our master bedroom.  Sure enough the Sleep Number bed is in and I will need to have delivery delayed because the carpet will not be here for 2-3 weeks...maybe sooner if I push the process along. This is a learning process it seems. Even though we have gone through similar things many times before, the rules keep changing. And I have a cold so I am working with a big cloud hanging over my head. Thank heavens for my wonderful husband!

The Plan
I had thought I would go with one of those quick install companies you find across the US. It seemed simple and they would come to your house with samples.  Easy peasy...right? Then I got a little worried and decided to check reviews on line at places like 3 Cent Worth and Yelp. Wow! It seems from the comments made, having the carpet salesman come into your home was a bit like letting the vacuum cleaner salesman step in the door.  The old bait and switch, etc., seemed to be what people were complaining about. I was ready to cancel right then but I wanted to make sure that the bad reviewer were not the only ones commenting.

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Angie's List
I had been thinking of signing up for Angie's List for quite a while. My family had been using them so I had a feel for how it worked. The yearly fee was around $35 per year but if I signed up using my Paypal account and the promo code I found online, the amount went down to $16.81. I bought it.

Angie's List users commented on the company I was thinking of using. It was not a good as I had hoped. Angies's  gave the carpet dealership a B grade. I don't know about you but B is not good enough for me when I am talking about my home. I cancelled the appointment.

Home Depot
We decided to go with our local Home Depot. We have dealt with them over a long period of time and feel comfortable with our store here in town. It is very good, reliable and honest. The salesman did not bait and switch. If a service costs extra he did not shrink from telling us so.

Why Use the Home Depot Card
The suggestion was made that we take the full 6 month interest free payment period to pay off the Home Depot credit card debt. If we do that we will be notified of any promos that might come up on the carpet we purchased during that period of time. We could then take advantage of more savings.

We get a 5% discount every time we use the card BUT we have to ask for it or they do not do it...let me is not automatic!

The Process Starts Thursday
So that is where we are.  I will let you know how the rest goes.  The installation people will come measure on Thursday and we can have the whole thing in the works by Monday if I push things along.

Wish me luck!


Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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