Sunday, June 2, 2013

20+ Hobbies: Slightly Dangerous and Weird

This is not your normal list of hobbies. But, in this day and age, retirement hobbies should be changing anyway. Take a look and let me know what you think.

All of us that write about retirement will talked about hobbies sooner or later. The idea is that when you retire you will have time on your hands. I think a lot of people believe that a life without work will be blissful. Then after a while they realize that they need to fill the days with something meaningful. I know many just think that they will go back to work.  But here is an idea...try out a hobby first.  Who knows you may just find not working is more fun than you thought.

I have seen very long lists of hobbies over the years. The items always make me laugh. Things like dumpster diving and ambulance chasing catch my interest.  I knew a man once that traveled up and down back roads collecting what he thought was valuable stuff. It sounded a lot like working on litter patrol to me. There are people that listen to police transmissions or assemble epic jigsaw puzzles.

But for this blog post I am looking for a few things that are weird or exciting...even a little sketchy. Here are a few new ones I have not seen before.

Urban exploration caught my interest.  Below you will see a video taken in the subway tunnels in NYC...going underground guerrilla style could be interesting. I think you are going to like this one even if you aren't interested in trying it out. YouTube has a list of video about this hobby here.

The same author suggested....
Guerrilla gardening:  Think gardening can’t be an extreme sport? It can’t get your heart pumping? You’re probably right – but guerrilla gardening is still pretty cool. 
Garden planted in shopping bags then left by a lamp post
See guerrilla gardening in public spaces takes some courage because it is not expected or necessarily legal. But doing it without permission embraces the idea that you can make a difference. Getting caught could get the adrenalin flowing. I have a friend that says it is better to ask forgiveness than permission. You might find out if this is true.

Food Cart Pop-Up Business in Portland
Here are few others that caught my interest:
  • Sex
  • Live in a van...park on street corners at night
  • Watch the neighbors
  • Report the neighbors to the police
  • Build a pop-up park (in a parking lot or vacant lot)
  • Learn to cut your own hair
  • Start an insect eradication business using chickens
  • Keep goats and rent them out to eat black berries vines
  • Pop-up Park built in the parking strip by the road!

  • Donate blood
  • Reverse shop...take items to stores and hang them on the racks
  • Give up a vice
  • Become a beater for bird hunters
  • Build a bunker in case of nuclear war
  • Explore without food or soap
  • Sleep
  • Geo cache (this one could be a lot of fun)
  • Become a whiskey/gin/tequila/beer connoisseur 
  • Make lists
And to think you believed that retirement was going to be boring! 


Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that you do any of these that are illegal. This was written with tongue in cheek...sorta!

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