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Generation Fabulous: Being 50 Was Different Back Then!

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Generation Fabulous is all about women connecting after the age of 50.  If you are a woman blogger that has outgrown the "mommy blogger" stage, you will understand me when I say it is very difficult to connect with women of your own age. GenFab is where I go to find out what other women of a certain age are thinking and doing.

I am a part of this group because I can relate to what these women have to say. The multi-generational aspect appeals to me. I think we all need to hear different voices to understand the world we live in today.

Today I saw a link to co-founder Chloe Jeffrey's Generation Fabulous TV show, Coffee With Chloe. It appears on YouTube. The broadcast featured an interview with Lisa Endlich Heffernan and Mary Dell Harrington from Grown and Flown. Grown and Flown is a successful blog that has been featured in the New York Times and on Huffington Post. Jeffreys interviewed the authors  about their life experiences when their children were growing up and leaving the nest. I thought the two women were realistic and honest in their responses.

How Things Have Changed
The women talked about the conversations they have with their adult children and how close they are to them. They didn't think that they had that adult to adult relationship with their parents. They hint that they modeled that type of exchange with their children and are enjoying the rewards as those children grow into adulthood.  I would like to think my family is very much the same but who knows.

However, when it came to discussing subjects like sex or dating, we're are not the same. I suppose I wasn't a good sounding board when it came to dating/sex or even digestion. My children were born in the 60s and 70s. I was a child of the 50s so my children saw a whole different world in the movies and on TV.  Their children are more open with their parents about dating and even sex. According the Heffernan and Harrington this is what a lot of parents experience.

Children leave and come back home after college. It is a matter of economics and job availability. About 7 years ago the jobs went away and necessity forced a change in the way the family functioned to support adult children. Our children were very lucky. My older children were expected to graduate from college and move out into the world and they did.  It was hard for them but they found a way. My youngest son struggled for a little while.

I really enjoyed listening to this interview. It made me realize that even those we have a lot in common we are from different generations and our perspective is somewhat different. It just made sense and Chloe Jeffreys is very good at conducting an interview. 

So thank you again to Generation Fabulous. This was a good one.


FYI:  Generation Fabulous is for bloggers of a certain age looking for support, encouragement, information, blogging tips, and community.

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