Monday, June 10, 2013

Central Oregon Vacation

This is a re-post. This had to be my favorite vacation with our motor home (sold). The baby here is 5 now and her big sister will be 10 in August.

Tadpole Pond
Lovingly named Lake Susan
after my daughter. She is
standing in the water with Amelia and Maddie.

This picture was snapped with my iphone. It is an image of Mt. Hood (called Mountain Hood by grandchildren), Oregon as we traveled down the beautiful road that lies at it's foot. Heading east on Highway 26 from Portland, Oregon to Central Oregon, we travels south of Bend to East/Pauline Lakes (East Lake Camp Ground) on the east side of La Pine. We traveled in out 35' Motor Home (for sale and stayed in the East Lake Resort facilities.

The lakes are the result of volcanic activity and hot springs can be found in the area. Hikes include the opportunity to look in a volcanic caldera that is inactive at this time. Many of the mountains in this part of the world are still active and Mt St Helen's erupted late in the last century.

Bend is a resort community and short drives lead vacationers to beautiful lakes, skiing, white water rafting and camping. Oregon State Parks are some of the best appointed in the nation with large camp sites and small yurts or cabins. Reservation can be made online. Some spots are so popular that reservation need to be made far in advance. When you check those parks that are used the most you will find a winner for a vacation spot. National Park campgrounds are equally as beautiful and affordable. When traveling in a RV you will need to check on vehicle length requirements at the state and federal campgrounds and what services are available. There are a lot of RV resorts available throughout the state.

We have lived in this state all of our lives. I never quit taking picture of Mt. Hood and the central Oregon mountains. The resorts are beautiful, golfing is the best anywhere and families are welcome!

We would love to have you come and visit.

The ListAlign Center

Center of the Storm

Ages 22 month to 16 years
1 boy
5 girls
4 families
6 Adults
One motor home
Three tents.

30 degree temperatures
Beautiful lake
East Lake Resort, near La Pine
8000 ft. Elevation
Thin air
No sewer hook up
Dumped 3 times
(12 people pottying)
5.5 Hour Drive from Hillsboro, Oregon
7 People in RV
1 on a motorcycle
4 in a van
Twelve People
Food, Food, Food ($500+)

East Lake
Water temperature 60 degree
120 ft deep
Volcanic Soil
High Mercury Content
La Pine, Oregon
Lots of Food
Baby running
Children playing cards
Daughter/nieces hiking
Party barge boat ride
Sandy Beach
Happy Children
Busy Adults
Camp fires all day
(Very cold)
Sawing wood
Sparks and coals
Boat Ride
4 nights
Great Vacation
At the center of the storm.



  1. well that sounds like a fun vacation if ever i heard of one!!! what a group,, and what beautiful surroundings.. .kind of put off by that 30 degree temperature... but it hasnt been a summer to remember thus far in northern california either!!!

  2. What an awesome way to camp - and in Oregon, I'm so going to get there in the next few years! So glad you had fun.


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