Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spirit Airlines: We Paid The Price for Cheap

Is Spirit Airlines so cheap it is cutting corners on safety? Why do I ask? Well the experience we had with this airline makes us wonder. We are learning the hard way that traveling cheap is not only uncomfortable but also scary. There is a price to be paid.

Last week we traveled to San Diego for our grandson's Marine basic training graduation. We were looking for affordable tickets and decided on Spirit because the price was right. Boy were we in for a surprise. You definitely cannot get something for nothing, not even on Spirit.

If you plan on taking clothes with you, you are going to pay. Nothing on Spirit is free. In fact, overhead storage in the cabin costs more than checking your luggage at the ticket counter. There is no food or drinks, not even a glass of water and the seats are so close that the seat back recline a total of 5 inches (or less).

But that was not the bad part. The pilots may not be as good as they should be. When we boarded the plane in San Diego to come home, the pilot seemed a bit distracted even before we were in the air and the cabin crew was burned out. On the tarmac as we were getting ready to take off, the pilot was having a hard time driving in a straight line. He/she turned corners like a beginning driver and swerved as though avoiding some obstacle. When we got into the air it appeared we were on auto pilot even when the flight was rough. We have experienced turbulence on other airlines but the pilot immediately found air that didn't bounce us around. Not on this flight. This pilot was hanging tough. No changing altitude for him.

When we approached Portland it seemed that the pilot could not find the airport. We turned left then right and even when we landed, the plane veered all over everything. It was very frightening.

So, will I fly Spirit again? Never. Cut rate prices should not mean terrifying! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Just thought you needed to know.


Oh by the way Spirit said their sales went up when they started charging more for carry on luggage.  If you are a greedy traveler trying avoid checking luggage, your fellow travelers do not like you all that much. It is just bad manners!
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