Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Travel Items No One Ever Mentions

I love to travel. But I also want to somehow take all the comforts of home with me. I know that is not possible but there are a few things I will pack next time we travel.

Last year my husband and I spent two weeks vacationing in Cancun.  We stayed in a condo with a kitchen. As I look back on that vacation, I know there are things I should have taken...things I have never seen anyone mention in a "what you need to take when you travel" article. You may be surprised by my suggestions.
My Ribbon Scented Candle

Remember the five senses!
Sense of Smell:

When I first arrive in a resort and check into a condo room the first thing I notice is the way the space smells. While I do love the smell of a very clean room, I don't want to have it surround me the whole time I am staying. That is why I wished I had taken a scented candle like the one Airwick had delivered to my door for review. 

I received one that is called Color Ambiance.  It not only smells wonderful but also changes colors as it burns. The other is called Ribbons Scent and a delicious vanilla bean fragrance fills the room. 

I love a candle in the bath, on the deck in the evening and in the bedroom at bedtime. I am packing these next time I travel.

Sense of Hearing:

I think one of the things I missed on our deck and in the dipping pool was the sweet sound of music. After I arrived home last year I bought a wireless speaker with a Bluetooth connection. I will carry the little device with me now and connect it with my smart phone to listen to music.

Sense of Taste:

I like to use the kitchen in the condos we rent. It can be a real money pit to eat out all the time. However, no condo comes equipped with the spices and herbs I like to use in cooking. In many cases not even salt and pepper. That sort of thing is very expensive especially if you are staying in a resort that is not near to a local market. 

Next time I will carry some of those things with along with a few packaged meals and basic food items (pasta, dried onions/vegetables, etc) so I can cook a simple meal and not break the bank.

Sense of Feel:

When my husband and I traveled to San Diego to see our grandson graduate from Marine Recruit School, I noticed that my granddaughter carried her pillow with her. I could only think how I missed my pillow when I travel. I don't know about you but getting a good nights sleep is really important. Even sleeping on a long plane ride can made the difference in how I feel for the first few days of vacation. I am going to find a way to do that myself next time.

Sense of Sight:

Here is one that can ruin your vacation if you are like me. My glasses were broken at poolside. MY GLASSES! I need my glasses to find my glasses. I really don't have an extra pair of glasses but if I did I would always bring them. That is why I have learned to travel with my prescription. You may never break your glasses...lucky you. 

You should even carry an extra pair of sunglasses. They always seem to get lost or broken and resorts charge a fortune for things like sunglasses. Seeing is very important.

These 5 things can make all the difference in how relaxed and comfortable you will feel. 

You can take a bubble bath, light your beautiful candle, listen to your favorite sounds  and really feel like you are on vacation with all the comforts of home. Then you can fall into bed on your very own pillow and read while you snack on something you made yourself. Life will be very good!

Have a wonderful day.


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