Monday, July 22, 2013

7 Reasons Why I Like The Snugg iPad Cover

Contest Canceled: I am keeping the prize!

When I accepted the offer of a free iPad cover from The Snugg website, I thought I would like what they were sending me. It took me 15 email exchanges though...I'm just saying. I am not an easy person to deal with when it comes to free stuff. I actually don't believe in the reality of free so I usually make it hard for myself so I don't feel like it is free...if that makes any sense. When I said yes to the offer, my thinking was that if I didn't like it, I could give it away either to an unsuspecting reader or a member of my family. I'm not proud of that part at all. I am glad to report that my fears were unfounded though. I love it!

I have discovered that the iPad cover can make the difference between easy to use and an absolute pain. For example, I paid a considerable amount of money for a cover that featured a bluetooth keyboard. I hated it! The keys were so small that a baby’s fingers would over lap the gap between the t and the y. My writing looked like goobledigook. It was not long before I disposed of that.

Initially, I received the iPad as a gift from my son and he included a heavy-duty cover that has worked just fine. It is bulky and takes several steps to unclasp, set up and use. The clasp is just always hanging out there. And it is bright pink. But it was what I had so I was satisfied...until the free cover from Snugg showed up in the mail.

  1. Now I have moved the iPad to the new cover. I took it with me last night when I had dinner with my Apple user family. I wanted to see what they saw about it that I didn't. I was surprised at how many features fit their needs:
  2. It has a tab on the end so your stylus has a holder. It can be used for reading glasses because the temple will fit through it perfectly.
  3. There are hard corners so it is less likely that a drop will break it.
  4. It is flexible and easy to set up.
  5. It has pocket for business cards, cash and travel but it is still not bulky.
  6. When it is set up, you can turn it over and the angle is automatically changed. One is perfect for reading and the other for writing.
  7. The cover is magnetic so you do not need to fasten a tab when you close it.
  8. It smells like leather and I like that.
  9. It is classic and sleek so it looks very professional.
I am very glad I took this gift. I was going to run a contest and give it away as a prize. I am so sorry but the contest has been cancelled. I am keeping the prize for myself.


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