Saturday, August 31, 2013

What if you could avoid Alzheimers by cutting out dessert? The Daily Beast

by Barbara Torris
I had planned on writing about my beautiful grandchildren today...a trip to the park, playing on  the structures and walking through the woods. Then I saw an article in The Daily Beast about the connection between our diet and the way our mind deteriorates. Writer David Permutter, MD titled his article Why We Can and Must Focus on Preventing Alzheimer's.

Holy Moly Miss Molly! When it comes to taking care of our minds, we need to sit up a pay attention and sit up and pay attention I did. This man is talking a preventing Alzheimer's for goodnes sakes! I could only think if Alzheimer's could be prevented the whole face of aging would change. Here are some of the study outcomes they used a reference points
  • It turns out that even if you do NOT have diabetes, eating a diet laced with sugar is not a good idea. An increase in blood sugar may damage our minds and  lead to dementia.
  • A study done in England between 1979-2010 put increases in deaths related to brain brain issues in the United States at 66% for men and 92% for women.
  • Gluten intolerance may be more of a neurological  disease than it is a digestive problem.
  • "Mayo Clinic researchers...that risk for mild cognitive impairment, the harbinger for Alzheimer’s disease, or full -blown dementia is an astounding 42% lower in elderly folks who consume a diet higher in fat and lower in carbohydrates, as reported in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease." The Daily Beast
Did you get that? The people that write about Alzheimer's Disease is telling us that more fat and less carbohydrates could be a good thing. WOW!

I am going to be 72 years old soon and believe me the conversation turns to lost keys and forgotten appointments every time I am with my peers. I wonder sometimes if I am going to be an Alzheimer's patient is the conclusion my age group comes to when they forget or get a little lost. If this horrible disease could be prevented wouldn't we all jump on the band wagon? I would hope so.

Read this article written by David Perlmutter, author of the new book Grain Brain, not only for  information on what we can do to prevent dementia but also for the conclusion the author came to for why we are not being educated to prevent the disease and the only thing we ever hear about is a new medications. It is very interesting.


Tom's Sighting pointed out this article: Sugar Makes You Stoopid (Sightings Over Sixty)

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