Monday, September 2, 2013

The grass is greener over here...let's Listen to them Grow

There is a song that Pink Martini sings called Splendor in the Grass. The lyrics touched me because it seemed to reflect my life from beginning to end. The words go like this:

I can see you're thinking baby
I've been thinking too
about the way we used to be
and how to start anew.

Maybe I'm a hopeless dreamer
maybe I've got it wrong
but I'm going where the grass is green
if you'd like to come along.

Back when I was starting out
I always wanted more
but every time I got it
I still felt just like before.

Fortune is a fickle friend
I'm tired of chasing fate
and when I look into your eyes
I know you feel the same.

All these years of living large
are starting to do us in
I won't say it wasn't fun
but now it has to end.

Life is moving oh so fast
I think we should take it slow
rest our heads upon the grass
and listen to it grow.
Going where the hills are green
and the cars are few and far
days are full of splendor
and at night you can see the stars.

I took this video over the summer. My sixteen year old granddaughter joined me on several days. Six children is a lot to handle so she helped out. I loved those days particularly.

Elena played Duplo set with the boys.

We planted beans and they were up in less then ten days.
The walk in the park is part of the video you see above.


Special thank you to Takes, the video app. for iPhone. It allowed me to do the day with grandchildren sequence in the middle of the video. It is one of my favorite parts.

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