Saturday, September 7, 2013

Toys for Grandchildren

On Opening Pandora's Box
My grandchildren have always loved to come to our house. They wanted to come before my daughter brought her son's collection of toy cars and her daughter's Polly Pockets. They loved my house before the Imaginext Dino appeared. Before I made four bags of sugar cookie dough that can be rolled out at a moments notice, they counted the sleeps until they could spend the day with with us.

We have two pairs of small digging gloves, one trowel, one old spoon, a patch of dirt and a plastic bucket that serves as a truck/bucket/water container. The toys in the toy basket came from my classroom I taught in over 15 years ago. Life was good and they were satisfied. Then...

Dump Truck And Wheel Loader
Hot Wheels Race Rally Water Park Playset
...we decided that Grandpa and I should have a day alone with each child. That was when we opened Pandora's Box.

A single child, the oldest sibling, came with us first. We went to the book store and bought a Where's Waldo? book, then to a big box store to shop for a special Hot Wheels toy.

We went out to lunch.

We played together when we got home. DUPLOs were dumped on a big table. My grandson built a wonderful pretend play ground. I video taped him telling about it. Just the perfect books were read and there was NO nap time at all. Best of all, unlike all the other visits, he was allowed to take the toy we bought home with him!

Yesterday we repeated the special day for the younger brother.

Things will never, never be the same. Now they know about Grandma's car and have discovered that I have a car seat for each boy. All that time spent helping us dust, vacuum and garden could be over shadowed by the things we did on that special day. You know, once you have opened Pandora's Box you can never put the things that escape back is a fact.


Note: Our Pandora's Box only contained toys and fun. I'm just not sure how much fun Grandpa and Grandma can handle. We will see!

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