Sunday, September 15, 2013

New blog header? are some possibilities!

When the seasons change so does the look of my blog.  Here are some possible images that could have possibilities. Let me know what you think.

Fall is slowly approaching here in Oregon. We had lunch at Red Tail Golf Course located in Progress in the Portland Metro area. The haze the fills the sky is one of the signs we see that fall is getting closer.

We visited Cannon Beach earlier in the summer and the air always hangs heavy over the shore there. The picture here tells a story of life going on and on. My husband is dressed in red on the left side of the picture. A bride in her wedding dress is repeating her vows as we watch. My friend Betty Lowry is checking to see if her shot was as good as she hoped. All around us people played and walked and reveled in the beauty of it all. I love this picture.
We took the back road home after an evening with friends. As the sun set haze settled in on fields just recently harvested. I took this picture with my iPhone through the windshield of our car.
I loved the way the road disappeared into the night in this picture. I need your input. What do you think? The orange shoes need to be put away for the winter.

Note: I use a Sony Nex 5N. My blog is over a thousand pixels wide. These photos will need some major editing I think.

I use a white background because it allows me to highlight the photos and ads. I cannot see a dark background anyway so I almost am locked into light colors. The font is fairly large for that same reason. Do you think the colors are uplifting or does it just put you off? I am interested in knowing.

But I bought a new Photoshop Elements 11 yesterday so let the fun begin!


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