Saturday, September 14, 2013

WSJ: Are you a Parent to a Helicopter Parent that Goes to Work with Their Child?

My advice from me! I know where I belong.
The big topic of conversation over at Generation Fabulous Midlife Bloggers is an article that is being featured online by the Wall Street Journal. Should You Bring Mom and Dad to the Office? is all about how large companies are encouraging involvement by the parents of their college interns. They arrange social occasions and are even sending notes to Helicopter Parents about their child's progress as an intern. This is a concept that most of us that are little older have never even considered.

Companies like Northwest Mutual are encouraging parents to take part in open houses to see what their college aged interns are doing. The companies that are pushing this are seeing a difference in the way Millennials are growing up and have seen an improvement in the performance of their interns since implementing the ideas.

It seems that children born after 1980 are different that say those born in 1971. How so you ask? Well according to the Wall Street Journal's sources, children born between 1981 and 2000 are closer to their parents. In the eyes of the employer it follows that the parents can be an important ally when it comes to hiring and keeping the most talents prospects.

The Generation Fabulous ladies are not buying it...not at all. They are still working themselves and really need for their children to grow and hopefully, not boomerang on them. But go to work with them to negotiate salaries or open houses to view their child's progress? Nope...they not only don't think it is a good idea, they flat out don't want to do that. I not only wouldn't want to I would not even know what to do if I did.

But...what if you as a parent are very experience, perhaps even just a little wise and your child asked you to be a second set of eyes and ears at a very important time in their life, would you make it work? It could be. Common sense tells us that the more you know the better you become. And adult children can still want to hear from their parents. Another fact of life is that employers can and will take advantage of inexperienced employees/our adult children.

So what do you think? If you are a grandparent, would you have some very good advice for  your adult children with Millennials of their own?


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