Thursday, October 17, 2013

10 Best Travel Application for a Smart Phone

If you are on the road like us, you know that your smart phone (my iPhone) can save your bacon....over and over. My husband and I just finished our journey from Oregon to Arizona. I know what a difference that device has made for us.  Here are the 9 we used just on this trip plus one I want.
  1. Gas Buddy mobile app...this app can find you when you are on you phone. It gives you a list of gas stations that are nearby along with the price of gas. It can make a difference...for us it was $.20 per gallon. Over the length of a trip it is significant.
  2. Twitter mobile app...I follow local Twitter, keep in touch with people on the fly.
  3. Instagram App allows me to post photos to twitter and facebook. If you are a blogger, you know that being personal and up to date is important.
  4. Facebook mobile app...this one is for family more than anything. But I do have a lot of followers. Timing is important for twitter and facebook.  Be sure to post when the most people are using the apps.
  5. FourSquare is a social app that will actually find deals in the area for you. We have scored free appetizers, desserts, etc.
  6. Around Me mobile app will tell you about places to eat and will list motels/hotels along with the rates they are charging. It has the information for connecting to online booking for the motel. It comes in very handy.
  7. Blogger mobile app...if you are a blogger, it is nice to be able to post a short post on the road. Blogger lets me do that with my iPhone.
  8. Yelp...this is a site that gives you the inside scoop on restaurants and entertainment. We like to use it when we are planning a special night out.
  9. MapQuest or Google Maps...I do not like getting lost. I try really hard not to have that happen. It can be difficult even with Map Quest or even a Garmin. How did we travel before we had those devices?
  10. PLUS: A Mobile Hotspot. This little function can be a lifesaver.
If you know of something I am missing, let me know!

Instagram edited photo

Instagram edited photo
I want a barbque to tow behind our vehicle...or not!

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