Monday, October 21, 2013

10 Photographs of Road Trip from Oregon to Arizona

It rained 6' that week. My garden had gone to sleep and all the flowers had been dead headed. The trees were only beginning to show a hint of the cold that was to come but I felt like a snow goose ready to fly south.

I don't think it was about the rain or even the cold though. I think is was about the people that inhabit my life. Children were off to school. Parents were going into that rainy season working mode and we needed to go out into the world in search of new scenery and flowers that were just beginning to grow.

I like the road trip from Oregon to Arizona. It gives me a chance to bring my soul along with me. When I fly, it takes two or three days for it to arrive. In the meantime, I am walking in a dream. Driving takes three days so it is all good.

The change in scenery as we travel along allows a gentle transformation.
Entering the Columbia Gorge at Sunrise (Oregon) (iPhone)

East end of the Columbia Gorge...the desert begins (Oregon) (iPhone)

Wind generator above the Columbia River (iPhone)

Restaurant in Salt Lake City overlooking the Wasatch Mts. (iPhone)
Las Vegas skyline. (Sony SNX-5N - telephoto with digital telephoto)

Arizona Strip between Utah and Nevada just outside St. George, UT
Virgin River on the right. (iPhone)

Wickenburg, AZ. Small plaza with restaurant (dive) and small shops. (iPhone)

Near Wickenburg...fall colors take my breath away. (iphone)

Scoring the good chairs by the pool in our resort winter home.
We are the first to fly south! (iPhone)
Our park model...winter home on the corner of beautiful and friendly! (Sony NEX-5N)

So here we are in Arizona. Life is good, we are busy and friends will be coming very soon. My garden is growing with more flowers than I even dreamed.


Note:  All of these photos, save the one of our park model and the pool, were taken as the car flew down the freeway at 75-80 miles per hour. It all depended on the speed limit. It is amazing what our cameras can do anymore. I love it!
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